.If1.  What is Waist Forever Official about?

Waist Forever Official is a mono-product online store offering high quality waist trainers and shapewear for women. Looking for an efficient solution to get that hourglass body shape and look stunning in your slim dress? Then body shapers from Waist Forever Official are your ultimate go-to!

2.How does a waist shaper work?

Waist shapers, also called waist trainers are aimed at squeezing your midsection in order to form an hourglass body shape. Our waist trainers are made of a thick yet elastic and breathable material that gently presses your abdominal and emphasizes your natural curves. Moreover, you will definitely see an effect on your body shape and especially your waist in the long run!


3.How long do I need to wear a waist trainer?

In order to see results already in a coupe of weeks, we would recommend wearing your waist trainer for about eight hours a day. However, if it does not work for you, wearing a waist shaper during your workout or when doing domestic chores will also make a difference. Believe us, when you wear Waist Forever body shaper, you will feel so comfortable that you will not even want to take it off at the end of the day!

4. Is there any guarantee that I will get a perfect waist with a waist trainers?

Waist trainers work differently for various body shapes, lifestyles and nutritional regimes. Therefore, we cannot unfortunately guarantee that our waist shapers will make your waist look exactly as you imagined it. Nevertheless, if used correctly and long enough, our waist trainer will definitely have long-term effects on your body shape.

5. What are your body shapers made of?

Our body shapers are made of durable yet breathable materials, such as nylon and spandex. These fabrics have great cinching effects without bringing any feeling of discomfort. Our waist trainers will also dry quickly shall you break a sweat, and serve you for ages without losing its shaping properties.


6.Is a waist trainer the same as a corset?

No, waist strainer and corsets are two slightly different shapewear pieces, as the latter ones have bones in them and are literally “squeezing” your waist, which might not be that comfortable for you to wear the whole day. In contrast, our waist waist-trainers are created for daily wear, and form a desired body shape with the help of innovative tightening fabrics.


7.Will your body shaper flatten my curves?

We at Waist Forever Official believe that every girl should have an opportunity to accentuate her body curves. Thus, our waist trainers will only emphasize your natural body shape and make it look more appealing. No worries - your beautiful curves will all be there!

8. I am going to wear an off shoulder dress. Can I remove the straps fromyour body shaper?

Sure. All of our body shapers come with removable straps that you can easily undo anytime you are wearing a strapless dress. Thanks to the tight adjustable fabrics, you can be sure that your waist shaper will not let you down in the middle of a dance party!

9.  When will my order come?

At Waist Forever Official, we do our best to deliver your order as fast as we can. During the COVID-19 pandemic, shipping may take up to approximately 10 business days. If you have not received your order on the estimated delivery date, please contact us at support@waistforever.com, or chat with us via online chat, and we will help you out!

10. How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is FREE standard shipping in the US. International Our order shipping costs are calculated directly from carrier. Currently we do ship to Canada.


11. What is your return/exchange policy?

Return Policy

Exchanges, Returns and Refunds 

Our return policy allows you to return unused items in their original condition and packaging within 14 days from the date your package is marked as delivered for store credit only. NEW UPDATE: NO REFUNDS for returned items. However,  customers may now request a refund 30 days after order was placed only if tracking number is not issued by this time. No refund will be issued prior to 30 days. To request a refund please email the Refunds Department at Refunds@waistforever.com. Here your refund request will be reviewed in 1-2 business days. Please make sure your check your spam folders and mark refunds@waistforever.com as NOT SPAM in order to receive your refund status to your email inbox.

No Exchanges, however if you submit a return you may use the credit to re-order a product.

Credit will be issued immediately when product is shipped out to returns center.

-What items are returnable?

Waist Trainers

What items are non-returnable/FINAL SALE?

Final Sale Items


Body Shaper

Butt Lifters

Body Shaper Thongs

Gift cards

Compression Boards

-Are there any charges for a return? Yes. Please submit return request to view the charge for return shipping.

Once return request is completed, you will receive a prepaid label via email. Please insert this label on the outside of your package and drop it off at a USPS location. Credit will be issued immediately when product is shipped out to returns center and processed. We are not responsible for returns shipped to an incorrect address, and not shipped with our prepaid label. Returns will not be accepted and processed if sent to incorrect address. 

12. How do I contact you?

If you have any questions about our waist trainers, or are experiencing any issues with shopping at Waist Forever Official, hit us a message on online chat,  at support@waistforever.com, and our customer service reps will get back to you as soon as possible!