Liv: 6 Row 9 Steel Rods Waist Trainer

Liv: 6 Row 9 Steel Rods Waist Trainer

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Size up 2 sizes when purchasing this waist trainer.**

Meaning of the the name LIV : Life, live, protection.

This waist trainer out lives the average waist trainer up to 3 times! Thanks to the high quality 6 rows of hooks! 

This durable strong high quality piece is comfortable, adjustable, and is recommended if you’re in a rush to lose inches off your waist. The intense compression makes your waistline look smaller, and can be discreetly worn to the gym or work!

Liv creates a sauna effect that directly targets your core, and it increases the amount of sweat output during your workouts. This trainer is great for ladies with a longer torso to ensure your full midsection gets love too!

  • High-Quality Material:  Extremely strong comfortable, and offers great performance in burning your fat.
  • Smooths 3 times more than usual: helps you eliminate toxins, speed up the calorie-burning process, and keep your muscles warm and supported, avoiding fatigue and injury after training.
  • 0.079 in. Single-layer Neoprene Compression Clothing: Lightweight and high-quality neoprene rubber. The interior pocket makes you more comfortable to put anything small. The perfect curve of the hourglass shape and shapes of your slim and postpartum belly recover.
  • Firm posture corrector 

More Benefits:

  • Help shed unwanted cellulite 
  • Better Posture 
  • Ultimate core conditioner 
  • Single or double band support 
  • XS-XL